Salut and G’day

For those who know me well enough, I bet you’re probably thinking that this blog is yet another random impulse I’ve acted upon and fair enough, a blog about ‘Pies n Tarts’ is definitely out there (even by Chase standards).

But if you bear with me, there was actually some thought that went into this little project;

Instinctual responsibility; Memories of homemade, freshly baked goods lofting through the household on rainy, lazy and/or festive days, can to this day cause my mouth to salivate and stomach to grumble. As the family knowledge of baking and creating mouth watering treats fades with the loss of elderly family for example, I find it imperative that such memories and knowledge should be passed down and shared with the future generations.

What concerns me in this enquiry is that not one female or male acquaintance or otherwise has proved even close to an equal adversary for me to date in the kitchen (and I am by no means implying I am great in the Kitchen mind you…  which in turn is very sad reflection of our current society, its values and future direction. Am I therefore to assume that the majority of my generation (in their pursuit for careers, fame on social media or perhaps it comes down to their general lack of interest in creating something great to eat..you know for survival) have neglected learning the skills and techniques needed to cook a fresh dish or bake something homey on a rainy afternoon?

Furthermore, does this mean I should expect my future partner(s) to be bloody useless in the kitchen as well (cause given my proven track recored it seems likely)? I swear this generation has no bloody idea how to cook more than three meals from scratch.

Experience: As I enter my final year of studying Advertising at university, I have come to appreciate how every bit of real world experience will help in the long run not only in boosting my CV credentials but more so to provide me with the experience in not only generating online content but more so, ways in which to improve readership, engagement, share ability etc. All handy skills to have in todays online marketplace.

Patience: In today’s fast paced world how many reading this take the time to; think, read and plan things to cook / eat that will taste great, smell amazing and provide you and those around you something nutritious / decadence to eat?

Guilty myself, I think as a modern society we have placed too heavy a reliance on convenience and outdoor dinning and in turn forgot the simpler pleasures of cooking a meal from scratch.

By taking a couple hours out of my week to plan what I want to cook, source my ingredients and prepare and cook it, I will remember that we work to live not live to work and experience that there is something therapeutic about taking your time in the kitchen.



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